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Lack of “gravity” has nothing to do with Sandra Bullock’s youthful look

Sandra Bullock looks stunning in photos since the release of her new movie Gravity. Ironically, some would say gravity has yet to take its toll on the 46-year-old Bullock. But that’s not the case.

Gravity isn’t what pulls down our faces as we age. We don’t look older and saggier as a result of gravity. Rather, volume loss and changes related to aging are to blame. And we can reverse these changes with tried and true cosmetic surgery techniques.

What really happens is this: Facial skin sinks due to changes and loss of the underlying bone, muscle and fat. The skin sags from loss of elasticity. Loose skin is more likely than snappy, tight skin to sag.

The results? Our eyes look more sunken in, our cheekbones have less softness and prominence and our lips look smaller.

In-office cosmetic surgery fixes include laser resurfacing and other cosmetic surgery procedures, which can help to revive skin elasticity. We also use fillers from fat to Juvederm to address facial volume loss and relaxers such as Botox to calm overactive muscles.

These are lunchtime procedures that can naturally rejuvenate the face and lips to more youthful shapes, without looking “done.”

See this example of a before and after using our liquid facelift, which uses the nonsurgical cosmetic surgery techniques I described to help turn back the real hands of time.

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