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Cellulaze Cellulite Laser

Have you tried to banish your cellulite with special diets, torturous workouts and countless creams that promise magic, but deliver less-than-stellar results? With our new Cellulaze laser treatment, the search for a more effective way to treat cellulite is over!

Cellulaze is an FDA-approved treatment that will significantly reduce the appearance of even the most stubborn cellulite, in just one simple treatment. Unlike topical treatments, which only temporarily disguise the dimples in your legs, butt, arms or stomach, Cellulaze is a minimally invasive procedure that attacks cellulite at its core. If you want to get rid of your cellulite fast without any harsh side effects, call us today to schedule a consultation.


Does It Really Work?

Cellulaze is ideal for treating patients who, despite a healthy diet and exercise, retain the appearance of cellulite. Cellulaze laser treatment can be used to treat any area of the body with bulging pockets of fat. The more popular areas include: the abdominal area, hips, front and back thighs, inner and outer thighs, buttocks and ankles.

BeforeAfter (Post 6 Months)cellulaze cellulite laser treatmentClick on image to see larger image

Cellulaze is backed by two years of clinical research and cleared for use in the United States. Clinical data has proven Cellulaze treatments can increase the thickness of the skin by 25% and increase the skin’s elasticity by 29%*, which means you may see a 50-90% reduction in cellulite. In addition, Cellulaze has been featured in major media outlets, such as CNN, The View, Fox News, The Today Show on NBC, among others, as the “cure for cellulite.”

*“Treatment of Cellulite with One Year Follow-up using a 1440nm pulse laser” Aesthetic Surgery Journal, March 2011

Laser Procedure

Using laser technology, Cellulaze zaps away the cottage cheese appearance in 3 easy steps, leaving you with smoother, healthier skin. A local anesthetic is administered to perform this procedure at our Milford office while you are awake.

Step 1: A tiny gentle laser fiber is inserted under your skin and begins to melt the bulging fat cells.

Step 2: The laser is then reoriented to release the fibrous bands that pull down your skin.

Step 3: The laser’s energy is then activated and applied towards the skin’s surface to stimulate collagen production, encouraging elasticity and smooth skin.

How Cellulaze Works


Still Unsure?

Browse through our photo gallery for before and after pictures of Cellulaze cellulite laser treated patients.

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