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Skin of Color

Skin of Color at MilfordMD

Not all skin types were created equally. Skin of color has unique needs and requires special care. Drs. Marina and Richard Buckley of MilfordMD both specialize in all types of skin – Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic and Asian – and offer an array of services customized to your needs and desires.

By the year 2050, half of the U.S. population will consist of skin of color. And since skin of color responds differently than Caucasian skin to certain procedures and treatments, having a physician who is skilled and extensively trained in all different skin colors is extremely important. Drs. Marina and Richard Buckley of MilfordMD are trained in the special needs of all different types of skin, and offers many different skin care options for patients with skin of color.

Why is skin of color so different to treat?

Indian girlSkin of color responds differently than lighter skin to many procedures and treatments; laser treatments being one of them. Darker skin contains more melanin, which lives on the surface of the skin in the epidermis, and is designed to absorb light. The level of melanin varies greatly among the different ethnic groups. Lasers emit light, so if there is melanin pigment in the epidermis, the melanin will steal the light away from what is being treated. The cells in the upper layer of skin are more reactive in darker skin colors and release more melanin when they are irritated. Darker skin responds differently than lighter skin, and irritation in darker skin types can cause dark discolorations called hyperpigmentation. While skin of color doesn’t age the same way as Caucasian skin does, more pigmentation problems can arise. Drs. Marina and Richard Buckley work to remove excess pigment (hyperpigmentation) and to bring an even texture, tone and color to the skin. Skin of color requires care, so having an experienced physician is very important.

Can skin of color use fillers, chemical peels or have laser treatments?

Yes! Special care is followed to ensure skin of color patients have excellent outcomes from their treatments and procedures. Fillers such as Juvederm, Perlane, Restylane and Radiesse are good for all skin types. With darker skin, appropriate lasers with modified settings must be used to avoid burns or discoloration of the skin. Some fractional lasers are safe for all skin colors, such as the Fraxel re:store. Gentle chemical peels can also be used.

Laser hair removal for skin of color

Skin of color patients can have laser hair removal done, but having a skilled, experienced physician, such as Dr. Marina Buckley or Dr. Richard Buckley, is extremely important to ensure there are no adverse side effects. There are newer “color blind” lasers that can safely and effectively eliminate excess or unwanted hair in people with skin of color. Knowing which laser to use and pulse duration are vital in a successful treatment.

At MilfordMD, all skin types and colors are treated with care and expertise. Call the office to schedule a consultation to explore the options available, 570-296-4000.


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