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Breast Augmentation

A decrease in breast tissue elasticity due to genetics, pregnancy and/or time can result in a loss of the youthful position. Depending on the degree of ptosis or descent, various methods of lifting may be available. Often augmentation with either synthetic implants such as saline or silicone or one’s own fat used to fill up the breast can result in an acceptable lift. If breast tissue and skin is too loose and there is a lot of sagging then some skin must be removed in order to achieve tightening. This can often be done with a concentric mastopexy where tissue is tightened around the nipple thus avoiding “T” shaped scars. Sometimes larger surgical lifting procedures are required. At MilfordMD, we are able to assist with autologous fat transplant breast augmentation, implant placement and concentric mastopexy all performed using tumescent local anesthesia where the patient remains awake during the procedure. (The larger surgical procedures such as inverted “T” shaped breast reduction are best done by plastic surgeons and under general anesthesia.)


See all of the various sizes and specifications for breast implants.

Breast Enlargement Options

Traditional options for breast enlargement include saline implants and silicone implants, “gummy bear” cohesive-gel implants and autologous fat transfer. Saline implants may be inserted through truly tiny openings as the shell of the implant is placed in the breast while it is deflated and then it is inflated with saline. There is flexibility during the procedure for the patient to evaluate the breast-fill size with Dr. Buckley and some adjustments can be made such as increasing the size and even adjusting for asymmetrical breasts. Silicone: Silicone implants are prefilled and are thus at their full size before they are placed in the breast. Because of this they require an incision long enough to allow the implant to be slid into the breast. This incision is often made under the breast and is closed with sutures. Silicone has a bit more of a firm feel and is slightly lighter. Cohesive-gel: We do not offer the “gummy bear” cohesive-gel implants which are very firm and can more easily rotate out of place.


Natural Breast Augmentation

For autologous fat transfer breast augmentation we use a patient’s own fat and perform a very fine detailed transfer of the fat to sculpt and enhance the breast. Candidates for Autologous fat transfer to the breast must have no personal or family history of breast cancer, have a good volume of unwanted fat available and must not be considering synthetic implants. As much as a cup or cup and a half of bra size per treatment session with autologous fat may be possible.

Breast Lift

Some women have naturally smaller breasts, while others may notice a decrease in breast volume after pregnancy or later in life. At MilfordMD we can help enhance your appearance by helping you select a breast enlargement that is right for you. We do not offer extra-large augmentation but rather prefer a natural look, more head turning than traffic-stopping. The degree of enlargement must at least in part be dictated by a women’s body and skin thickness. For example a women who is lean and has thin skin may be better off with an augmentation of one cup size or a little more. Someone who has thicker skin and is naturally larger can receive a larger augmentation and still look very natural.


Female Breast Reduction

Large breasts may be heavy and cause back discomfort. Due to weight, sagging may also occur. There are many considerations regarding breast reduction surgery such as general health, age, family history, plans for future pregnancies, and stability of weight and size of breasts. At MilfordMD, Dr. Richard Buckley is able to sculpt moderately enlarged breasts under local anesthesia and often with liposculpting alone or with the removal of small amounts of excess breast tissue.

(We do not treat significantly or extremely large breasts and these are best evaluated by a plastic surgeon that specializes in the surgical removal of large amounts of tissue.)


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