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AAAHC Accredited Surgical Facility

AAAHC Accreditation Granted to MilfordMD For Safety and Quality of Care

After a very comprehensive review process and a meticulous site visit, we are proud to announce that our cosmetic dermatology surgery and laser center (Pocono Medical Care dba MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center) was granted a full three-year accreditation by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). This is the highest accreditation a surgical center can receive. See the press release here.

An AAAHC accreditation is the gold standard for ambulatory health care organizations, especially for those with surgical facilities. This is not a self-serving accreditation process that only certifies one’s own specialty, but one that accredits a diverse group of health care facilities. To obtain this certification every staff member at our practice has worked diligently to ensure we have met and exceeded administrative and clinical standards of excellence dictated by the AAAHC Accreditation Handbook.

We are proud to join this prestigious group of AAAHC accredited cosmetic surgery centers, one of 30 statewide.

Why Seek Accreditation?

For decades, accreditation has been the highest form of public recognition a health care organization could receive for the quality of care it provides. The concept started with hospitals. But now, thanks to the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, nearly all types of ambulatory health care providers can achieve this distinction.

More than just public recognition, the AAAHC accreditation has enhanced our strategic management decision making process, improved risk management programs, as well as introduced new ways to improve the care and services we offer, while increasing our efficiency. But most importantly, it has contributed to our ultimate bottom line: providing high quality patient care.


Since its founding in 1979, AAAHC has conducted hundreds of accreditation surveys of all types of ambulatory care organizations, including surgical facilities, college and university health centers, single and multispecialty group practices, and health networks. Over 1600 organizations nationwide are currently accredited by the AAAHC.

The core standards developed and used by the AAAHC during its accreditation process include: Rights of Patients, Governance, Administration, Quality of Care, Quality Management & Improvement, Clinical Records and Health Information, Professional Improvement, and Facilities & Environment. As the lead standard of the AAAHC’s Accreditation Handbook of Standards, the Rights of Patients standard sets the tone for all remaining standards. This standard underscores the very essence of the accreditation process which is to determine that health care organizations are positively addressing essential elements to ensure the rights of patients and to provide the highest level of care possible. Throughout the AAAHC standards, issues relating to aspects of quality assurance, quality measurement and patient rights are addressed.

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MilfordMD Cometic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center