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Stretch Marks

Not All Stretch Marks Are Created Equal

Stretch marks are common during puberty because during this time the body can grow or gain weight very quickly, quicker than the skin can create new cells to cover the expansion. Other life events that can cause stretch marks include pregnancy and rapid fluctuations in weight. Stretch marks vary in size, texture and width, as well as location on the body. This type of variety requires a variety in treatment options.

Reduce or Soften the Appearance of Stretch Marks

Until now, getting rid of stretch marks was a difficult task. Stretch marks are always a concern for patients who have given birth or have lost weight. Laser liposuction is a great option, as is the Thermage skin tightening procedure, which can also be instrumental in addressing any loose skin at the same time. White and red marks require different treatments. Carboxytherapy can also be helpful in softening them by increasing the blood-flow to these poorly vascularized regions and allowing them to constrict and contract, making them narrower and blending them better with the surrounding skin.

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