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Thermage Skin Tightening

thermage laserThermage CPT at MilfordMD

If skin, not fat, is what’s getting in the way of looking your best, diet and exercise aren’t going to help. But there is a treatment at MilfordMD that can help – Thermage CPT.

What is Thermage CPT?

Thermage CPT is a non-invasive treatment performed by Marina Buckley, MD that helps skin by tightening existing collagen and stimulating new collagen formation (neocolagenisis) and renewing facial contours. Since collagen is a key building block that provides structure to your skin, having healthy collagen is important in achieving the youthful look you desire. The procedure uses patented radio frequency technology that is clinically proven to tighten and lift skin to smooth out wrinkles. It is incision-free, can be performed on all skin types, and requires no needles or downtime from normal daily activities. Thermage CPT is gaining more public awareness in the treatment’s ability to tighten loose skin anywhere on the body. It can be used post-pregnancy and pre or post-liposuction to tighten the areas that exercise cannot help. Thermage CPT is effective on the face, eyelids and virtually anywhere on the body.

See the benefits of the Thermage CPT system in this short video.


The entire procedure takes approximately one to two hours, depending on the size of the area being treated. First, the area to be treated is cleansed of residual oils. Then the doctor draws various markings on the skin to indicate which areas need tightening. A special pad is placed on the patient’s back. This pad completes the circuit for the radio frequency energy. A paper transfer is used to place a temporary grid on the areas to be treated. A treatment tip called Thermatip is used, which delivers a controlled amount of radio frequency energy. The treatment begins with a computer controlled cooling effect for comfort and safety of surface layers. Vibrations begin and continue throughout the procedure. With each touch to the skin, the Thermatip device heats a large volume of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin and underlying tissue, while protecting the outer layer of the skin with cooling. Radio frequency energy penetrates deep in the skin’s tissue, heating the area to specific temperatures and remodeling the collagen. New and remodeled collagen is produced over time and the skin further tightens. This results in healthier, smoother, more youthful looking skin.

Comfort level

The Thermatip creates a brief, deep heating sensation as the radio frequency energy is delivered to the skin. The deep heat feeling indicates the collagen is reaching effective temperatures for tightening.


Thermage CPT has an excellent safety record in 80 countries worldwide, and more than one million treatments have been performed.


Most patients only need one Thermage CPT treatment for the desired outcome of skin tightening. Immediately after treatment, the skin should feel tighter and smoother. Over time, more tightening will occur. Improvements gradually appear over two to 12 months, with many patients seeing an earlier response. Results may last about two to three years or longer, based on the patient’s natural aging process. Thermage CPT may be repeated after six months to achieve additional skin tightening.


Most patients are able to return to activities and work immediately following the procedure. There is no special follow up required afterwards. No cutting, surgical drains or sutures means no recovery or downtime.

What patients are saying

“We are all going to age, as long as we age gracefully,” said Wonda, a previous Thermage patient. “I can go about my normal routine, and the best part about it, no one knows the difference.” Prior to her Thermage treatment, Wonda didn’t want to go out much. But after Thermage, she said, “I feel much better about myself when I put my clothes on, when I do my makeup. I just think I glow. It’s like night and day. I feel my skin is absolutely beautiful. It’s smooth. It’s tighter – a lot tighter. And aging – what is age?”

Steven wasn’t thrilled with looking older. He felt young inside and wanted that on the outside, as well. He noticed the skin around his eyes and mouth were starting to appear wrinkly and saggy. Steven’s wife had a Thermage treatment and he was impressed with the results. “She had excellent results and I felt that if I could get the same kind of smoothing and toning, that it was worth it,” he said. After his treatment, Steven noticed a general tightening of the face and his jawline was firmer. “If someone was thinking about Thermage I would say do it. You’ll be happy that you did, the same way I’m happy that I did.”

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