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MedLite C6

The ConBio MedLite C6 Laser

conbio medlight laserThe ConBio MedLite C6 is the newest generation of the original MedLite laser, launched nearly two decades ago as a safe, non-invasive tool to improve the skin’s appearance and treat common concerns. Today, it remains the gold standard laser for tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation worldwide. MedLite C6 is a premium-engineered laser that uses PhotoAcoustic energy to gently and safely treat a wide range of skin concerns including:

  • Overall Skin Rejuvenation
  • Facial wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Multi-colored tattoos
  • Sun spots, photodamage, brown spots and uneven skin tone
  • Hair Removal including unwanted fine hair
  • Spider Veins

ConBio MedLite C6 Befores & After Photos

The many wavelengths available with MedLite C Laser Series allow for excellent treatment capabilities
conbio6 laser chart

MedLite® C Series Laser Technology

conbio spectrum chart

The MedLite® C Series EO Q-switched laser utilizes the latest in multi-wavelength, articulated-arm-delivered laser technology. Representing the next generation of Q-switched technology, the MedLite® uses an electro-optic (EO) high-speed shutter to produce nanosecond pulse widths. Peak energy is dispersed throughout the epidermis faster than the relaxation time of the healthy tissue. The result is a PhotoAcoustic Therapy effect, a safe, effective way to deliver energy precisely where it is needed.

handpiecesMultiLite Dye Laser Handpieces for Four Wavelengths

The HOYA ConBio® MultiLite Dye Laser Handpieces are designed for the MedLite® C6 and RevLite® lasers. These dye-impregnated polymer rods convert the 532 nm wavelength to either 585 nm or 650 nm, providing a total of four wavelengths and significantly expanding treatment options for patients.

Nd:YAG Crystal

The backbone of the MedLite® C Series is the Nd:YAG crystal, a solid-state material used for years in scientific and medical communities. The HOYA ConBio® MedLite® C Series lasers have the added benefit of being EO Q-switched, the next generation of Q-switching that produces high-speed repetition pulse durations.

AimLite® (Aiming Beam Technology)

aimliteThe AimLite® system provides us with assistance in performing laser skin resurfacing and other procedures in discrete and/or delicate areas such as near the mouth and eyes. Specifically, the AimLite® produces a red aiming beam that is co-linear with the treatment beam, enabling us to achieve accurate positioning of the beam for best results.

EO Q-switched

By storing energy between pulses, an EO Q-switched laser is able to deliver a more effective pulse output than traditional lasers. The EO (electro-optic) Q-switch acts as an efficient high-speed shutter, delivering nanosecond pulse durations. This technology allows the MedLite® to produce peak power of over 200 megawatts with a 5 to 20 nanosecond pulse width. The result – a high power laser that delivers aesthetic solutions with a PhotoAcoustic effect.


PurpuraLite®, our exclusive chromophore clearing device, minimizes purpura that typically results from certain aesthetic laser treatments. Exclusive to HOYA ConBio®, this system temporarily “empties” the fine blood vessels under the treatment area to eliminate the “red” chromophore that typically creates a purpuric response.

What is Photoacoustic TechnologyY?

PhotoAcoustic technology is the hallmark of the MedLite C6 Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser. The C6 laser is very different from other lasers that rely on heat-based or photo-thermal energy. The high-speed light energy is released in a series of very fast (nanosecond) pulses, causes the C6 to gently vibrate and shatter the targeted molecule deep within the skin – whether it’s tattoo ink, brown “sun spots or unwanted hair. The laser energy also promotes healthy skin by stimulating new collagen growth which replenishes the collagen we lose as we age. The Medlite C6 provides an aesthetic medical solution for overall skin rejuvenation.

Because PhotoAcoustic energy is quickly absorbed the treatments are extremely safe. The MedLite C6 laser has a strong safety profile and, for most treatments, can be used on all skin colors and types.

MedLite® C Series Clinical Procedures

Wrinkle and Acne Scar Reduction & Non-ablative Skin Resurfacing
Pigmented Spots & Freckles
Vascular lesion treatment
Laser Hair Removal
Dermal Lesions
Nevus of Ota


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