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Rosacea is a very common skin disease that is hereditary. It is generally characterized by facial flushing, facial redness, red spots, and thickening of your skin, although not all of these symptoms occur in every case. Common triggers are hot weather, stress, spicy foods, alcohol, exercise, sun and wind exposure, hot baths, and swings in temperature. Rosacea generally occurs on the nose, cheeks, chin and sometimes the forehead.

One of the treatments preferred by our patients is a laser rosacea treatment using the VBeam laser. The VBeam laser is gentle enough for use on infants as young as a few weeks old, yet powerful enough to treat most adult skin problems. Other treatment options are available at MilfordMD, which is discussed in detail during a private consultation with Dr. Buckley.

Those suffering from a severe case of rosacea are encouraged to call today for a consultation with our cosmetic dermatology experts. Our MilfordMD physicians will recommend the best treatment options to restore healthier skin and alleviate the severity of rosacea symptoms.


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