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Versapulse Laser

VersaPulse Laser—One Cosmetic Laser System Does It All

What Skin Conditions does the VersaPulse with HELP-G laser treat?

The VersaPulse Cosmetic laser system combines four lasers in one system including three proven Q-switched lasers for pigmented lesions and removal of all tattoo colors and full VersaPulse-V with Help-G for vascular conditions. Today many different colors are showing up in tattoos, creating quite a challenge for the physician when the tattoo is to be removed. The VersaPulse lasers give us more tools in our arsenal for treating challenging tattoo colors.

Technical Description

The VersaPulse is four lasers in one unit, including three proven Q-switched lasers (Q-switched ND:YAG, Q-switched Alexandrite, and Q-switched FD ND:YAG) optimized for all tattoo colors and pigmented lesions. Additionally, there is a high-energy, long pulse green (HELP-G) laser (variable pulse width FD ND:YAG) allowing for selective treatment of a wide variety of vascular conditions with minimal or no purpura (bruising). The high-energy, long pulse green (HELP-G) pulse width is adjustable form 2-50 milliseconds, which allows specific targeting of different diameter blood vessels. The longer pulse width minimizes and often eliminates purpura.

The HELP-G allows treatment at larger spot sizes and higher fluences, which results in deeper penetration and more complete treatment. It offers solid state design that eliminates the need for dyes and ensures high performance, durability and low operating costs.

A special chill tip delivery device actively cools the skin during vascular treatments, reducing or eliminating epidermal thermal damage. Both the VersaSpot F Chill Tip handpiece and the VersaSpot QS handpiece, used for delivery of all Q-switched wavelengths, have a unique spot-size sensing feature, which automatically adjusts fluence whenever the spot size is changed. The VersaPulse C has a touch screen display for easy selection of wavelength and treatment parameters.

Variable pulse width FD HELP-G 532 KTP

  • 532 nm wavelength: Max. Energy per pulse: 4000 mJ
  • Pulse Width: 2-50 msec
  • Repetition Rate: single shot – 3 Hz
  • Spot Size: 2-10 mm

Q-switched Nd:YAG 532 laser

  • 532 nm wavelength: Max. Energy per pulse: 400 mJ
  • Pulse Width: 5 nanosec
  • Repetition Rate: 1,2,5,10Hz
  • Spot Size:2-6 mm

Q-switched Alexandrite 755 laser

  • 755 nm wavelength: Max. Energy per pulse: 450 mJ
  • Pulse Width: 45 nanosec
  • Repetition Rate: 1,2,5,10HzSpot Size: 2-6 mm

Q-switched Nd:YAG 1064 laser

  • 1064 nm wavelength: Max. Energy per pulse: 400 mJ
  • Pulse Width: 5 nanosec
  • Repetition Rate: 1,2,5,10Hz
  • Spot Size: 2-6 mm

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