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July Specials on Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Treatments

Laugh, Cough & Sneeze with Confidence

Special Price: $999

Urinary incontinence, or leakage, is a problem that affects women of all ages. ThermiVa is a non-surgical procedure with the power to give women back control of their body. The FDA-approved ThermiVa applicator targets internal and external vaginal areas with radio-frequency energy to restore the vagina’s functionality and appearance with no downtime. That means clients can exercise and have sexual intercourse that very same day! July’s special pricing is valid for one ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation treatment (a $1,200 value).


The Freedom of Choice

Choose from 2, 4, or 6-syringes

Save 15% on a rejuvenation treatment (except lip augmentation) using 2 syringes of any Restylane filler. Perfect for non-surgical rhinoplasty, peri-oral rejuvenation & contouring, earlobe rejuvenation, and filling in under-eye hollows & temples. Special price of $1,195.


Save 25% on a rejuvenation treatment (except lip augmentation) using 4 syringes of any Restylane filler. Perfect for jawline & chin contouring, cheek augmentation, hand rejuvenation, and filling smile lines and marionette lines. Special price of $2,095.


Save 35% on a rejuvenation treatment using 6 syringes of any Restylane filler. Perfect for liquid face lift to address all of the above plus lip augmentation. Special price of $2,695.


Step Aside Brazil, This is the American Butt Lift

a $10,000 value  –  only $6,500

No, we’re not talking implants. We’re talking about our Sculptra injectable butt lift, an alternative to surgical butt-lifts. Unlike fillers, Sculptra plumps the booty by stimulating your body’s own collagen production, so the results are gradual and semi-permanent. And unlike a Brazilian butt lift, our Sculptra injectable butt lift has no downtime and does not have any pre- or post-surgical requirements. July’s special pricing is valid for a non-surgical butt lift using 10 vials of Sculptra.


10% off Product of the Month 

NeoStrata Sheer Hydration is a light, oil-reducing daily hydrator, formulated to gently exfoliate the skin, promote cell turnover and diminish the appearance of dark spots from age or acne.

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*Special offers and discounts are contingent upon medical clearance and a thorough evaluation by Dr. Buckley during an in-person consultation. These special discounts do not hold any cash value and are non-transferable. Monthly specials must be purchased in the month advertised and cannot be combined with other promotions, unless otherwise indicated. Some specials may require limited coupons, which are first come first serve, and many times require prepayment.


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