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DISCLAIMER: Individual results vary. Patient testimonials, images or videos do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience. Each patient’s experience, recovery and results will be unique depending on their skin, age, health and other individual factors. Best results may be promoted with a proper diet and regular exercise.

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I highly recommend Dr. Richard Buckley for scar revision process. I had an unsightly scar from shoulder replacement surgery and Dr. Buckley revised it with a Z revision. I can now wear short sleeve / or no sleeve shirts and not be self conscious – the revision was worth every dollar spent.

Andrea (NJ)

Was very happy with the laser lipo. I was awake the entire time and no pain at all. The doctor and all the nurses were very professional and made me feel at ease. Dr. Buckley took his time and was very detailed with each area. I am very happy I came here to have this done. The entire staff from my first phone call were very nice and welcoming from the beginning.

Melissa (NY)

My experience here was wonderful. The staff was so kind, attentive and professional. Dr. Buckley was so gentle. He made my lower eyelid procedure seem like a “SPA” experience!! Jane was sweet and very attentive to all of my needs. Very patient with me. I would recommend Dr. Buckley and his staff for all your cosmetic surgery needs. They are the best in the Tri-State area!

Catherine (NJ)

Day one after surgery of reverse abdominoplasty. So much more comfortable since yesterday. Shower and tape off helped. Easier to move around. No issues eating, walking or daily living. Slept good last night and took Tylenol this morning. Just slightly tender to touch around surgical site, but other than that, no problems! Can’t wait to see end results!


I love my Thermage eyes. It made such a difference by lifting my lids a lot. Dr. M. Buckley was great!


This past Sunday, I was getting dressed to take my husband to dinner for his 50th birthday. I came downstairs, unsure of my outfit. I was wearing jeans, boots, a long sweater and a t-shirt. Well, I had the t-shirt tucked in and questioned my husband “Tucked or untucked?” he said definitely tucked. I felt comfortable, more so than I had in years. (approx. 8 weeks after my mini-tummy tuck w/lipo)

Jess M.

Ultherapy works great had forehead done for a brow lift and brows continued to lift after the 3 months.

Vick P.

No Longer a Summer Muslim

I always joke that I will become a “Summer Muslim” so that I can wear a burkah to the beach to cover my back fat rolls, but now I don’t have to! The [laser liposuction] procedure had no pain and actually felt like a nice relaxing massage to me. I enjoyed the whole experience strangely.



Hi Dr. R. Buckley,

I would like to THANK YOU for all the help you have given me. Plus, the extra touch that was provided, with the procedure.


Underarm Sweat Procedure – Results are Fantastic!

“Prior to the procedure, I had embarrassing underarm sweat. After the procedure I had life-changing results. Dr. Buckley and his team are fantastic! I am so thrilled with the results.


Dr. Buckley is an artist!

I came to Dr. Buckley for a correction of a prior surgery done elsewhere. I had been living with the “botched” effect for years. I had all but given up and would camouflage it with make-up. Dr. Richard has corrected the problem and made it better than before. I still can’t believe it! I haven’t looked this good in years


My experience at MilfordMD has been absolutely wonderful! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. It’s only been a week since my procedure and I am already thrilled with the results. I highly recommend MilfordMd for any cosmetic procedure you may be thinking about having done in the near future…don’t wait it’s worth every penny!!!

Debras, East Stroudsburg, PA

Friendly, professional, caring, the best of the best. No more to be said. This group made me feel at home, relaxed and calmed any fears that I had. You cannot find anyone better than Dr. Buckley as a doctor or as a friend. Thank you MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology. Wow, great work. An awesome group of dedicated professionals.

Lynna, Hawley, PA

This is THE place to go to for excellent service and results. I have a difficult situation in which my under eye “tear trough” area loses volume resulting in an aged look. Very few physicians know how to remedy this situation properly or with significantly lasting results. I have found that Dr. Buckley does. He takes the time to do it well and do it right. As such, the results last longer and are aesthetically higher quality. It is quite a drive for me to get there, but it is worth it. Remember, it’s worth it to find a good cosmetic surgeon. Don’t just go to “anyone!”


I have over 1,400 physicians as business clients that I work with daily, so I know good medical care when I see it. Dr. Marina Buckley has been my personal primary physician for many years because she is the best I know. Believe me, I could choose from many, but I choose her for myself and my family for good reason. The physical exam is comprehensive & extremely thorough and frankly rivals some of the “executive” exam services that I’ve seen. Her diagnostic skills are unparalleled and have literally saved the lives of several members of my family. She takes the time to actually talk to her patients and study them. Sadly, you don’t get quality medical care like this routinely anymore


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