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Avoiding bad cosmetic surgery is a concern not only for women, but also for men

News of Bruce and Kris Jenner’s recent split became an opportunity for jabs at the former Olympic star’s looks. No doubt, Bruce Jenner has experienced bad results from cosmetic surgery. What happened to Bruce Jenner, however, should be avoidable.

Jenner’s cosmetic surgery problems are so noticeable that comedians have a field day at his expense. “Weekend Update” co-anchors Seth Meyers and Cecily Strong commented on Saturday Night Live that the Jenners “have decided to start looking like other people,” and that Bruce is excited to start his new life as a “single, middle-aged woman.”

We’ve all seen cosmetic surgery gone wrong. There can be many reasons for the less-than-ideal and bad results, but some of the most common are highly avoidable.

One way to avoid bad cosmetic surgery results is to go to an experienced cosmetic surgeon, who has a portfolio of good patient results in the specific procedure you want. So, if you want a facelift, meet with a potential cosmetic surgeon and ask to see his or her facelift before and after photos. Make sure what you see are the surgeon’s results and not ‘sample’ before and after photos.

Ask to speak to actual patients. It’s always great to get a referral from someone you know has had good results.

And beware of any surgeon who touts ‘dramatic’ results. You don’t want your skin pulled so tight that your eyes are at a different angle and your skin drapes like curtains. Instead, you want a cosmetic surgeon who aims to rejuvenate your face, so that you look like the same person—just refreshed, rejuvenated.

Another problem has to do with patients’ desires to have more and more done. People panic about aging. And some surgeons are happy to oblige with repeated procedures and extreme surgeries. Don’t have cosmetic surgery to please others. Do it for yourself. Don’t strive for perfection. There is none. Finally, realize that having too much done to your skin and features will distort even the most beautiful and handsome (take Bruce Jenner as an example) men.

So, to avoid bad cosmetic surgery results, go to a cosmetic surgeon who is highly experienced and regarded by patients as achieving natural looking results—not dramatic results. Second, take a realistic approach to aging. Let the experienced cosmetic surgeon guide you so that you avoid becoming overdone.

For examples of our befores and afters (real patients), visit our Photo Gallery.

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