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Using One’s Own Fat for Breast Enlargement is Great News for Today’s Women

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Dr. Richard Buckley Comments on Why a New Scientific Paper About Using One’s Own Fat for Breast Enlargement is Great News for Today’s Women

Attention women who want bigger breasts but don’t want breast implants, a new scientific article suggests that autologous fat grafting—taking one’s own fat and putting it in other body part—is a promising procedure for achieving larger breasts naturally, without breast implants.

Dr. Buckley performs breast augmentation using patient’s fat, not implants

Breast enlargement by fat grafting is an emerging trend. Dr. Richard Buckley comments about the fat transfer procedure, its results and the precautions one should consider before surgery.

“We’ve long offered natural breast enlargement using the patient’s fat and satisfaction from the procedure at our practice is high. The fact that this scientific article basically concluded with the same results is great news for women.”

Cosmetic Surgeon and Medical Director of MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center, in Milford, Penn., Dr. Richard Buckley, says the review of studies, which appeared in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal looked at results from more than 3,500 patients who had breast augmentation using their own fat. “We’ve long offered this option to women who want to increase their breast size by a cup or cup and a half per procedure session, and patient satisfaction from the procedure at our practice is high. The fact that this review of the literature found basically the same thing is great news for women,” Dr. Buckley says. “Breast augmentation is one of today’s most popular cosmetic procedures but not all women are comfortable with the thought of having implants in their breasts. Autologous fat transfer breast augmentation involves a very gentle, fine, detailed transfer of the fat from another area of the body to sculpt and enhance the breast.”

Breast enlargement by fat grafting is an emerging trend. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reported for the first time in 2015 on statistical data for fat grafting to the breasts, buttocks and face. More than 18,100 fat grafting procedures to the breast had been done by member surgeons that year. Slightly more were to augment the buttocks and more than 48,000 procedures in the statistical report were fat transfer to make the face more youthful. Researchers analyzed 22 studies on the topic, which reported on patients’ experiences from a year to 136 months after having autologous fat transfer to the breasts. The volume of fat, which can disappear with time, was retained in more than 62 percent of patients. And 92 percent of patients were satisfied with their results.

“The best candidates for breast augmentation using one’s own fat are women with no personal or family history of breast cancer, as well as those who have enough unwanted fat to harvest for the transfer,” Dr. Buckley says. “We remove fat from areas patients don’t want it such as the abdomen, thighs and arms. When performed by an experienced physician, fat transfer procedures are popular and proven options for people who don’t want implants or fillers.”

The benefits of fat transfer go beyond the breast. For example, fat transfer is an option for replacing lost volume in the face, with the added benefit of removing unwanted fat from another body part, such as the thighs, abdomen or under the arms, Dr. Buckley says.

As with all invasive procedures, there are potential complications from fat grafting to the breasts. The complication rate in the studies analyzed was 17.2 percent, which included breast hardening, persistent pain, hematoma and micro- and macro-calcifications on mammogram imaging. These complications are comparable to potential complications after breast augmentation with implants.

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