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Treat Excessive Underarm Sweating with a One-time, New Toxin-Free Approach

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Just In Time for Summer: MilfordMD Treats Excessive Underarm Sweating with a One-time, New Toxin-Free Approach.

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is a medical condition that can be treated. Dr. Richard Buckley introduces a combination approach for underarm hyperhidrosis, which greatly reduces underarm sweating for the long-term after only one in-office treatment.

  Milford, PA – June 08, 2016

For many people, sweating is a fact of life. It’s bothersome and can be embarrassing, but it’s no big deal. For others, who suffer from a condition that results in excessive sweating called hyperhidrosis, sweating is a big deal. It happens often—even when it’s not hot or people are not exercising. Having hyperhidrosis can affect quality of life, making social situations unbearable

“Some physicians use Botox to treat underarm hyperhidrosis. But I prefer a toxin-free approach. We use a combination of minimally invasive lasers and devices. Compared to Botox our combination approach is longer lasting and requires only one treatment.”

“The good news for many men and women that suffer from the perfuse sweating is that there are treatments we can perform in the office for the condition,” says cosmetic surgeon Dr. Richard Buckley, who is medical director of MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center, Milford, Penn. “Some physicians use Botox to treat underarm hyperhidrosis. We use Botox or other neuromodulators, such as Dysport or Xeomin, to treat hyperhidrosis of the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. But for the underarms, I prefer a toxin-free approach. We use a minimally invasive combination of devices, including the PrecisionTx laser and micro-cannular suction to knock out the sweat glands. Compared to Botox for excessive underarm sweating, our combination approach with the laser is longer lasting and requires only one treatment.”

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition thought to affect as many as five in every 100 people. It’s classified as either primary or secondary, which is an important point because the diagnosis determines how best to treat the condition, according to Dr. Buckley.

Primary hyperhidrosis commonly affects the armpits, hands and feet. Often, there’s no known cause but it is likely to run in families. Secondary hyperhidrosis could mean there’s an underlying health issue, causing the excessive sweating. For some, menopause causes it. For others, it might be a thyroid issue, anxiety or a warning sign of heart disease or diabetes.

“That’s why it’s important to have a clinical evaluation and consider certain blood tests before being treated for hyperhidrosis. First, you want to rule out an underlying condition. Second, treatment for the excessive sweating might be better with a combination of therapies. For example, if there’s an underlying thyroid condition, it might be best to treat that in addition to the excessive sweating,” Dr. Buckley says.

One of Dr. Buckley’s go-to treatments to stop excessive underarm sweating involves disarming some of the body’s eccrine glands. The eccrine glands are present in all skin. He targets those in the underarm area with a combination of treatments, he says are necessary for maximum sweat relief.

“My procedure involves using the Cynosure (maker of SmartLipo Triplex and Cellulaze) PrecisionTx laser and the special SideLaze fiber to deliver an upward directed laser lipolysis, which knocks out the sweat glands. I follow that with a gentle micro-cannular curetting liposuction,” Dr. Buckley says. The approach is effective and requires only one treatment for long-lasting relief of excessive underarm sweating.

“It’s an extremely gratifying treatment to perform,” Dr. Buckley says. “I saw a patient for a follow-up visit just this week. This patient suffered embarrassing underarm sweat most of her life. After one treatment with the PrecisionTx, she told me her life changed. She was beyond thrilled. It’s wonderful to see.”

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