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Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Richard Buckley Comments on Why Consumers Rated ThermiVa as Among the Most “Worth It” Procedures on RealSelf in 2019

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Milford, PA – February 28, 2019

Based on RealSelf consumer ratings, ThermiVa made the list for 2019’s Most Worth It nonsurgical procedures. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Richard Buckley explains why women are so attracted to the in-office treatment.

It’s official. Based on RealSelf consumer ratings, ThermiVa made the list for 2019’s “Most Worth It” nonsurgical procedures. “We’re not surprised,” says cosmetic surgeon Dr. Richard Buckley, medical director of MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center, in Milford, Penn. “ThermiVa is one of our most popular treatments. Word spreads quickly when there’s a nonsurgical treatment that helps restore women’s vaginal tissue tone and function. Basically, one treatment that takes about 30 minutes in the office and requires no downtime is the beginning of a more comfortable and confident lifestyle for many of our patients and potentially their partners.”

ThermiVa Won RealSelf Worth It Rating 2019

ThermiVa got rated RealSelf’s ‘Most Worth It’ nonsurgical procedure in 2019. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Richard Buckley explains why women are so attracted to this in-office lunchtime treatment.

“Consumers want more sculpted bodies and firmer, less wrinkled skin without the downtime associated with surgery. Thanks to advances in cosmetic treatment devices, we’re now able to non-surgically address just about every cosmetic concern.”

RealSelf, a global online community where millions of people visit monthly to make better informed decisions about cosmetic procedures, tallied its members “Worth It” ratings for hundreds of procedures, narrowing it down to the most outstanding. ThermiVa came in the top 20 in the nonsurgical category. The recognition is based on verified consumer reviews, in which consumers rate a procedure as “Worth It” or “Not Worth It” on

ThermiVa uses temperature-controlled radiofrequency to gently stimulate targeted tissues, prompting the body’s natural healing process, which results in an improved appearance of the labia and surrounding tissue. Some women notice improvements from ThermiVa right away but most notice full improvements in the weeks after treatment. Patients usually require a few treatments during a three-month period to experience optimal results, including some tissue tightening.

“The handpiece gently and efficiency delivers heat to the area, which stimulate collagen rebuilding the local tissue. It encourages the body to create collagen naturally, which is a big draw for our female patients of all ages because they don’t have to take a pill or apply a cream to get results,” Dr. Buckley says. “The collagen-building process naturally diminishes with age but is important because collagen is a protein that makes skin firm and elastic.”

Women have also reported increased moisture and sexual sensation, less painful intercourse, as well as less trouble with leaking urine when coughing, sneezing, jumping, etc.

“Many of our female patients and their partners have told us that after ThermiVa treatments the women treated have less vaginal dryness, irritation and even fewer infections. That could be because radio-frequency energy helps to stimulate vaginal tissue to produce moisture and regain a normal pH,” Dr. Buckley says. “To be recognized as a ‘Most Worth It’ procedure, a treatment must have a cumulative Worth It Rating of 90% or more during 2018. The recognition speaks volume about the device because it’s the consumers who are satisfied—not the companies that make the device or the providers.”

Among the more than 500 aesthetic procedures RealSelf currently monitors, only 53 earned the right to be recognized as a 2019 Most Worth It procedure. Among other top nonsurgical procedures in the 2019 RealSelf Ranking: Restylane Lyft, HydraFacial MD, laser hair removal, Dysport and Botox.

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