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Technology Meets Artistry

Local cosmetic surgeon Richard Buckley, M.D., uses the latest in cosmetic surgery technology and his skills as an artist to naturally sculpt and rejuvenate.
Body sculpting has taken a new shape with technologies that offer results with little to no downtime. Still, the physician’s skill is paramount. The goal, according to cosmetic surgeon Richard Buckley, M.D., is not only to permanently remove unwanted fat pockets and tighten skin but also to have a seamless, smooth, natural result.
“Body sculpting requires artistry,” says Dr. Buckley, medical director of Milford Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center (known as MilfordMD). “The good news for patients is our body sculpting tools are no longer limited to invasive liposuction. Today, we can noninvasively target fat anywhere on the body, neck or face, as well as tighten skin and smooth cellulite with state-of-the-art devices, including Smartlipo TriPlex, Cellulaze, PrecisionTx and Ultherapy.”
MilfordMD offers patients a pallet of 39 different lasers, which can treat fat and loose skin, as well as address wrinkles and skin aging, from head to toe.
Starting with toning the unwanted fat on the face and neck, one of today’s newest laser devices is PrecisionTx. In a one-hour, one-time treatment, Dr. Buckley can sculpt a sagging chin line, neck, jowls or jawline. Ultherapy is yet another nonsurgical approach for lifting and tightening sagging facial and neck skin (even treating wrinkles) without downtime.
A device that has taken the liposuction market by storm is SmartLipo Triplex, today’s gold standard in laser liposuction, according to Dr. Buckley. The device’s three laser wavelengths can be used together or independently to permanently liquefy and destroy fat cells almost anywhere, while tightening the skin.
For those bothered by the cottage cheese look on their bodies, Cellulaze has revolutionized the treatment of cellulite by treating the fibrous bands under the skin that cause the uneven appearance.
These technologies are just a sampling of what’s possible in cosmetic surgery today, according to Dr. Buckley.
“Most men and women who want body contouring are candidates for minimally invasive approaches. But there are patients who want more dramatic results, and, in many of those cases, liposuction or a tummy tuck might be the best option. It’s good to have options,” he says.
Beyond body contouring
Dr. Buckley also is skilled and experienced in treating wrinkles, age spots and more with a range of options, from Botox and fillers to surgical facelifts.
“The truth is that even an injectable, such as Botox, can be dangerous in the wrong hands. In the right hands, it can transform a man’s or woman’s face from stressed and aged to naturally relaxed and more youthful,” says Dr. Buckley who has been in cosmetic surgery and dermatology practice for 28 years. “All of today’s high-technology devices require training and have a learning curve, and it always helps to have experience.”
MilfordMD is at 303 W. Harford St., Milford, Penn., 18337 570-296-4000. To learn more, go to

“Dr. Buckley performed laser lipo for me. My great abs are showing again, and I can fit into skinny jeans for the first time! I’d do this again in a heartbeat.
—Kim C.

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