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Seminar on ThermiTight, ThermiSmooth for Skin Tightening

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Only a Week Away From MilfordMD’s Seminar for the Public on Today’s Hot Skin Tightening Technologies: ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth

MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center, in Milford, Penn., is hosting a seminar, open to the public, on breakthrough radiofrequency-based ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth treatments. The October 4, 2016 seminar starts at 5 pm and includes not only education and demonstrations, but also gift bags with cosmetic goodies and exclusive treatment discounts for those who attend.

Milford, PA – September 27, 2016

Just in time for the holidays, MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center, Milford, Penn., has announced that it will host an educational seminar for the public, the “Latest Techniques in Facial Rejuvenation.” The Thursday, November 3, 2016, two-hour special event starts at 5 pm.

ThermiTight & ThermiSmooth are dramatic breakthroughs in micro and non-invasive skin tightening treatments. Our educational seminar will help spread the word about these new and exciting technologies.

“Skin tightening on the face and body are in high demand. ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth use radio-frequency energy to comfortably tighten skin on the face and body. The result is a visibly more youthful look, without surgery and little to no downtime.”

“Skin tightening on the face and body are in high demand,” Dr. Richard Buckley says. “ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth use radiofrequency technology to allow us to painlessly tighten skin and wrinkles on the face and body. The result is visibly more sculpted, more youthful looking body and facial areas, without surgery and little to no downtime.”

Using the ThermiTight device, Dr. Buckley achieves subdermal (under the skin) tissue remodeling by inserting a tiny probe to gently heat the tissue being treated. That might be to tighten skin and address loose, sagging areas around the neck, neck, arms, abdomen, thighs or knees. Dr. Buckley applies the controlled amount of thermal energy to shrink the tissue. The result is a more contoured neckline, lifted breast or less sagging under the arms, on the thighs or knees.

“We monitor the temperature throughout the in-office procedure with an infrared camera, so it’s effective and safe,” Dr. Buckley says. “Patients see notably tighter, more youthful looking shapes and contours on their body and neck, and the results last months—even years,” Dr. Buckley says.

For ThermiSmooth no aftercare is needed. For ThermiTight, patients wear a light bandage around the treated area for up to three days, but most can resume normal activities the day after treatment, Dr. Buckley says.

One of the reasons for ThermiTight’s popularity is that skin tightening used to be in the surgical domain. People who wanted a tighter neck and jawline would have to undergo far more invasive procedures, such as a surgical neck lift, which could mean weeks of recovery. MilfordMD patients have given ThermiTight high marks for patient satisfaction. Patients from around the U.S. awarded skin tightening with ThermiTight a strong 85 percent worth it rating on

Not only does the radiofrequency technology of ThermiTight tighten the tissue, but it also encourages collagen and elastin production in the skin, which makes it look and feel more youthful, according to the cosmetic surgeon.

ThermiTight can be done alone to address areas of skin laxity or in combination with other procedures, such as those to address fat removal or cellulite reduction. “We find ThermiTight works well with laser-assisted liposuction procedures such as Prolipo or Smartlipo. Those procedures use small cannulas to minimally invasive suction fat cells and rid the body of unwanted fat. Adding ThermiTight can improve results by providing additional tightening of loose skin, leading to a shapely body sculpting outcome,” he says.

ThermiSmooth also relies on radiofrequency energy to shrink and tighten tissue. But rather than insert the probe under the skin, Doctors Richard and Marina Buckley use ThermiSmooth to heat tissue from outside the skin.

“ThermiSmooth is totally noninvasive. We target skin that is loose or sagging on the face—for example, bags under the eyes,” Dr. Buckley says. “Usually we want from three to six treatments to achieve optimal results. Patients love it because there’s no downtime and ThermiSmooth results in noticeable skin tighten, even after the first treatment, making patients look and feel more youthful.”

As an added benefit, ThermiSmooth, like ThermiTight, treatment encourages collagen remodeling, which helps skin in the treated area to look and feel healthier, according to Dr. Buckley.

While the MilfordMD October 4th special presentation on ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth is free and open to the public, seating at this event is very limited and reservations are required. To reserve your spot, call MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center at (570)296-4000.

About MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center:

The MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center offers state-of-the-art highly specialized procedures in laser and cosmetic surgery and aesthetic skin care. In addition to its extensive laser surgery capabilities, MilfordMD offers physician designed skin care products for home use. Milford Pennsylvania’s MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center is sought out by patients from around the world for expertise and innovation in cosmetic treatments performed by Richard E. Buckley, M.D. and Marina Buckley, M.D.

MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center is located at 303 W. Harford Street, Milford, PA 18337. Tel: (800) 664-1528. For real patient video testimonials, visit ourMilfordMD YouTube channel.

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