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ProLipo & SmartLipo

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Announcing an exciting alternative to traditional, invasive liposuction.

Melt Fat Away with ProLipo and Smartlipo™

By Holly Vitchers in February 08, 2007 Connections Magazine

Dr. Richard Buckley of Cosmetic Dermatology announces a new, quick, non-invasive procedure for dramatically improving unwanted accumulations of fat without the pain, bruising, and downtime associated with recovery from traditional liposuction surgery. “With the availability of new, injectable soft tissue augmentation materials, we can now offer the perfect alternative to invasive, unpredictable nasal surgery. You can see the results immediately,” states the Milford, Pa. cosmetic surgeon.

Cosmetic Dermatology Skin and Cosmetic Laser Center in Milford announces that they now offer two new procedures recently approved by the FDA for use in melting and removing fat and firming skin. Called Smartlipo™ and ProLipo, these procedures use lasers to liquefy fat cells and are much less invasive than the traditional Liposuction procedure. An added benefit is that the laser also tightens skin so you are not left with the sagging that Liposuction alone can cause. Smartlipo™ has been widely used for several years in Europe, Canada, the UK, Australia, Japan and other countries prior to being approved for use in the US. ProLipo is the latest advancement and is more powerful.

Dr. Richard E. Buckley says “the Smartlipo™ and ProLipo procedures are fantastic options for people who want to eliminate unwanted fat, get a more toned look and address specific problem areas. We use local instead of general anesthetic which is far safer and more comfortable for the patient. The fat is melted by the laser and then removed. Stitches are not needed and there is a much shorter recovery time than with traditional Liposuction. Since the fatty cells are dissolved and cannot reproduce, the results are long lasting. Also, the laser serves a double purpose in that it tightens the underside of the skin in the treatment area, so you are less likely to get loose sagging skin where the fat has been removed.”

“I want to stress that this is not a weight loss program” Dr. Buckley says. “The Smartlipo™ and ProLipo procedures serve to sculpt and tone. They are ideal for the patient who has a paunch or roll in the tummy area, saddle bags or inner thigh problems or a double chin that they want to reduce. It also works well on the jaw line, neck, arms, hips, buttocks, knees and calves. Smartlipo™ and ProLipo can also be used for female and male breast reduction.”

For information on this and other procedures offered at Advanced Dermatology, please call (570) 296-4000 and visit the website:

If you have ever thought of having “liposuction surgery” but were afraid of the pain, risks and downtime, then you may now consider ProLipo and Smartlipo™.

For more information about laser lipo (Smartlipo™ & ProLipo) and other cosmetic procedures, please call Cosmetic Dermatology / Pocono Medical Care at 570-296-4000 and visit us online at

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