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New Year, New You

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Top Skincare Picks

By Richard Buckley, M.D. – Connections Magazine: January 2013

Top Skincare Picks

Sometimes, good things come in small packages. Take facial rejuvenation, as an example. Starting off the New Year with a rejuvenated look doesn’t have to deplete your bank account or take up a lot of precious time.

The truth is that even small incremental treatments can make a big difference. It’s similar in concept to taking small steps for getting where you want to go. My top three lunchtime procedures for 2013 are easy, safe, affordable, quick, immediate, and definitely earn the “wow factor.”

And the winners are…

Top pick #1:

The new DermaTyte laser procedure

I developed this technique at our Milford practice. It’s an exciting new approach using a Sciton laser to noticeably tighten skin with zero downtime. This laser technique improves skin tightening, texture, and tone with each treatment. I recommend patients have DermaTyte treatments every three or four weeks to get a baseline skin tightening. As a general rule of thumb, patients should have as many baseline treatments as they are decades old; so, if you’re 60 years old, a package of six DermaTyte treatments will comfortably tighten skin virtually anywhere on your body and address fine wrinkles.

Remember, there’s no downtime. Once you’ve accomplished the baseline, you can have DermaTyte done as needed. This procedure is perfect for the parts of the body that are exposed even in winter— the face, neck, décolleté, and backs of the hands.

Top pick #2:

Microcannula artistic filling with hyaluronic sugar fillers

This category is packed with choices. My favorites are Restylane®, Juvéderm®, Perlane®, and for very fine lines, Prevelle® Silk. Using these, I can skillfully address facial (including ear lobes), neck, chest, and hand wrinkles and lines in a simple lunchtime procedure, which can be scheduled for any time of the day. Today, I use microcannulas to inject most fillers. I used to use needles, but the microcannulas require only one tiny injection per area, through which I insert the small blunt round-tipped cannula, threading the fillers wherever I want. This approach to filler treatment is much more comfortable for patients and rarely results in any bruising as there is nothing sharp being used under the skin. You’re good to go after a simple office visit!

Top pick #3:

Neuromodulators to relax lines, create symmetry

My favorites in the neuromodulator category: Dysport and Botox. In my experience, they both are effective, quick, strong, and long lasting. Typically, the more patients receive the product regularly, the longer the effects last.

What many might not know is that I use neuromodulators for more than correcting that deep furrow between the eyebrows. Basically, neuromodulators are a great option for treating any wrinkles caused by excessive muscular movement. By partially relaxing the overactive muscles, I can improve facial symmetry, a staple of a classically beautiful face. So, if a patient’s smile is not symmetrical, and I relax specific muscles in the cheek area that connect with the corners of the mouth, I can actually bring more symmetry to the smile. Some people suffer from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain because of strong masseter muscles above the angle of the jaw. By introducing a neuromodulator into the area, I am able to decrease or alleviate TMJ pain and soften the angle of the jaw so that it appears slimmer. Along the lines of symmetry, neuromodulators not only help to raise eyebrows and upper lids to open the eyes, but they also can improve eyebrow symmetry when used skillfully.

Yet another tip:

Often, when I use neuromodulators to help improve wrinkles on the face, I will also put a little dab on the lower eyelid. Why? That helps the lower eyelid wrinkles tremendously.

You see? Little things can go a long way. Many of us start the New Year, stressed with the thoughts of all the things I need to do to make ourselves better. I think about eating less, exercising more, quitting bad habits, being a better person…. Why not get a little help and have others do some of the work for you. A simple touch up here and there can make a world of difference!

For more information about eye rejuvenation and other cosmetic treatments you can visit or contact MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center at 570.296.4000. The staff there is always happy to help get you the information you need.

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