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Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri’s Darker Skin an Emerging Research Focus in Cosmetic Dermatology

Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri’s Darker Skin an Emerging Research Focus in Cosmetic Dermatology

Custom-designing facial rejuvenation treatments for people with skin of color is an emerging trend in cosmetic dermatology.

The newly crowned Miss America Nina Davuluri, who is an American of Indian descent, is the perfect example of a darker skin type that can present challenges in cosmetic dermatology. The issue is this: Dermatologists often have to approach darker-skinned patients differently than they do lighter-skinned patients. Why? Skin types, which range from very light to very dark, respond differently to lasers, chemical peels, topical agents and other treatments we use to rejuvenate the face.

It’s also important to keep in mind that people with various skin types age and heal differently. And the aging-related skin concerns of a person of African American descent might be very different than those of a light-skinned Caucasian.

To make matters more complicated, there is variation of skin color within ethnic and racial groups.

Here are a few skin rejuvenating tips:

If you want to address a cosmetic concern and are a person with darker skin (which could include being of South Asian, Hispanic or African American decent), seek out a cosmetic dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon who has experience treating a similar skin type to yours. If you don’t, you risk not only a bad result but also scarring and other unwanted side effects.

We’re finding combination therapies can be extremely effective in people with darker skin types who want to address skin pigmentation issues. One of the most important products we add to the treatment mix is sunscreen. That’s a great tip, right there: No matter how dark your skin, sunscreen should be among your go-to beauty agents. It can help prevent troublesome skin pigmentation issues from occurring or getting worse.
For more about how we address common skin aging concerns, including pigmentation, wrinkles, skin texture see our web site and call our office at 570-296-4000.

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