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MilfordMD Celebrates Mother’s Day with Five Gift Ideas for Moms of All Ages

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With Mother’s Day around the corner, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Richard Buckley offers five gift ideas that don’t take a lot of time, require little to no downtime and help moms of all ages feel rejuvenated and beautiful.

Milford, PA – April 26, 2016

He describes the top five gift ideas—Venus Freeze tightening treatments, medical grade microdermabrasion, Botox, intense pulsed light and chemical peels—which are favorites among moms year after year.

With only a couple of weeks before Mother’s Day 2016 MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center is gearing up to help moms of all ages feel better about themselves.

According to cosmetic surgeon Dr. Richard Buckley, the top five picks among moms are: Venus Freeze tightening treatments, microdermabrasion, Botox, intense pulsed light treatments for sun damage and chemical peels.

“Moms of all ages have busy lives and often forget to take care of themselves. Our most popular procedures among moms are lunchtime options. What better Mother’s Day gift than a treatment that is sure to make mom look great and feel rejuvenated?”

Moms of all ages have busy lives. Whether they’re taking care of young children, working or playing hard, moms often forget to take care of themselves,” Dr. Buckley says. “Our most popular procedures among moms are lunchtime options, with little or no downtime. What better gift for Mother’s Day than a treatment that is sure to make mom look great and feel rejuvenated?”

Venus Freeze combines the powers of multi-polar radio frequency and magnetic pulsed yields to noninvasively reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin and even decrease cellulite. In essence, the technology helps to reverse skin aging and imperfections by gently stimulating the body’s natural healing process. Venus Freeze treatments can also help to contour exercise-resistant areas of the body. For optimal results, the physicians at MilfordMD administer the pain-free treatment on the skin’s surface as a series of six treatments on the face or 10 treatments on the body. Depending on the surface area, treatments last from 15 to 40 minutes, and there is no downtime associated with Venus Freeze treatments.

Medical grade microdermabrasion is a gentle, or aggressive, but effective skin renewal process that helps to erase fine lines, dark spots and some skin blemishes. MilfordMD uses the Parisian Peel Medical Grade Microdermabrasion treatment, which is noninvasive and results in no downtime. A package of five to eight 15- to 20-minute treatments can help to revive sun-damaged skin, smooth acne and other scarring, liven dull skin and much more. The approach uses no chemicals. Instead microdermabrasion abrades the skin surface with micro-crystals and air suction. The resulting exfoliation is a great jump-start a skin care regimen.

“Moms love it, especially when their loved ones include a gift basket of skin-rejuvenating cosmeceuticals, so moms can take care of their skin for the long term,” Dr. Buckley says.

Today’s most popular nonsurgical cosmetic option, Botox, and treatments with other neuromodulators, including Dysport and Xeomin, are a big favorite among moms whose facial lines may make them look angry or sad. One treatment with Botox can smooth the deep lines between the brows, lines around the eyes or forehead lines for several months. The result is a more relaxed, rejuvenated look, without appearing frozen. And Botox is affordable. MilfordMD recently revised Botox pricing so that patients who just want one or two areas treated can purchase the injections a la carte. A Botox brow lift can be as little as $99.

One way to diminish years of sun damage is with a series of intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments. These noninvasive treatments can be used on the face, chest and the backs of hands to decrease pigmented areas, reduce redness, reduce pore size and improve skin texture and fine lines. The physicians at MilfordMD perform IPL treatments by applying a cool gel to an area before applying pulses of light. Sessions take about 30 minutes, and patients can go back to regular activities immediately following treatment. For best results, patients should undergo a series of three to five IPL treatments, spaced three to four weeks apart, according to Dr. Buckley.

Chemical peels address a range of facial concerns, from age or sun spots to skin texture issues, by using a variety of chemical solutions to remove the skin’s outer layers. There are many types of chemical peels, with varying depths of treatment and recovery times. Some peels are lunchtime options, that leave the skin feeling and looking refreshed. For more dramatic results and to address deeper wrinkles, acne scars and more, there are peeling options that remove the skin’s top layer and result in days to a week or more of recovery.

For more information about these and other cosmetic treatments that make moms happy, Dr. Buckley is going to host a free mommy makeover seminar with complimentary consultations at his Milford, PA cosmetic practice on April 26, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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