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“I started balding the same way my father did when he was in his fifties, and I’m just thirty. I tried topical treatments but didn’t get the results I wanted. I feel really comfortable with Dr. Buckley, and I’m surprised and pleased by my results.” —Shawn L.


“Dr. Buckley treated me with autologous fat transfer to restore fullness to my face. It’s a procedure I had before with another doctor. Dr. Buckley’s results were more gradual, with less bruising and swelling.”—Lynne B.


“Dr. Buckley performed laser lipo for me. My great abs are showing again, and I can fit into skinny jeans for the first time! I’d do this again in a heartbeat.”—Kim C.

Today’s techniques for restoring a more youthful, toned appearance take a physician’s expertise and an artist’s aesthetic talent.

“Patients who come to me for tummy tucks or facelifts are often surprised when I suggest noninvasive approaches to meet their needs,” observes cosmetic surgeon Richard Buckley, MD. “The truth is, we’re performing only one-tenth the number of facelifts we performed just ten years ago, thanks to the variety of nonsurgical choices available today.

“I’m a student of nature and of anatomy,” he shares. “I’ve traveled the world learning how people’s appearances vary from culture to culture. This perspective provides me with a larger palette when I guide patients to noninvasive or minimally invasive aesthetic choices.”

One of the most popular minimally invasive procedures Dr. Buckley offers is laser liposculpture. Carefully controlled laser energy melts the fat and tightens the skin, while gentle suction removes the unwanted fat cells.

Another is AFT (autologous fat transfer) that moves fat from an area where it is not wanted and uses it to increase volume elsewhere on the body.

“At MilfordMD we combine fat, which contains stem cells, with the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma,” describes Dr. Buckley. “I can rebuild and rejuvenate the face, neck, décolletage, breasts, hands, and more with this technique.”

Dr. Buckley also performs follicular unit hair transplants: “The days of hair plugs are gone. Hair restoration looks totally natural now.

“I invite patients considering aesthetic procedures to visit or call the office,” encourages Dr. Buckley. “Everyone here is friendly, compassionate, and well-educated about the ever-expanding range of today’s aesthetic options and what they can do for you.”

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