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Five Body Waxing Myths and Secrets for Waxing Success

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MilfordMD’s Hair Removal Expert Reveals Five Body Waxing Myths and Secrets for Waxing Success.

MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center staff esthetician and body waxing expert, Andrea Flieger, reveals five widely held myths about waxing for hair removal. Armed with Flieger’s secrets to waxing success, consumers will avoid the pitfalls and enjoy the benefits of smooth, hair-free skin for six to eight weeks.

Milford, PA – November 15, 2016

Excess or unwanted hair is a big issue among men and women. According to a recent survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), only 55% of the adults surveyed considered laser hair removal . The rest and countless others turn to other approaches for hair removal, from shaving and tweezing, to waxing.

Hair removal facts, busting waxing myths. MilfordMD’s licensed aesthetician answers commonly asked questions about pain, safety, growth and removing hair from different parts of the face and body.

“We don’t have to touch the skin to use AccuVein. Rather, we shine the device’s laser lights on the patient’s skin to illuminate veins in real time. Having a visual map of what’s under the skin can help anticipate the migration of the injected product.”

Andrea Flieger, a licensed aesthetician with extensive experience in body waxing, says that knowing facts, versus common misconceptions, about facial and body waxing for hair removal can save people time, money and frustration. Done right—with the correct technique and best available waxing product—this approach to hair removal leaves skin smooth for six to eight weeks.

“In nearly eight years of specializing in body waxing, I’ve noticed that people have a lot of misconceptions about the common practice of waxing for hair removal,” says Flieger. “And these misconceptions can lead to poor results. Here’s the truth about waxing for hair removal.”

The most common myths (and truths) about waxing for hair removal, according to Flieger, are:

Myth: Waxing causes ingrown hairs and there’s nothing you can do about it.
Truth: Ingrown hair is caused by the texture of the hair as it comes up through skin. Shaving or removing hair by waxing means that the new hair or cut hair will have to come up through the skin again at some point. Exfoliating the treated area can help with that irritation.

Myth: No need to wash up before getting waxed.
Truth: Cleanliness is first and foremost! Sanitary practices are of major importance when it comes to waxing. Being clean prior to waxing leads to a better result.

Myth: The type of wax used matters not.
Truth: The type of wax used does matter. It matters when it comes to how the skin reacts during and after treatment. Some waxing practitioners use less expensive wax much to the detriment of their clients. For example, low temperature cream waxes generally leave less irritation than honey or soy based waxes, which need to be warmer in order to get to the right consistency. Warmer wax means a higher chance of burning the skin, which can be avoided by using higher quality products.

Myth: Technique doesn’t matter. It’s just apply and rip!
Truth: Technique is everything when it comes to client comfort. Correct technique makes the experience faster and less painful. No one wants to endure a longer wax!

Myth: It’s bad to exfoliate skin before a wax.
Truth: Exfoliating the night before a waxing treatment definitely helps get the best results. Make sure the area is free of any lotions or oils and that the hair is at least “eyelash” length.

Myth: Lather up with lotions post-waxing.
Truth: Post wax treatment, less is more. Don’t apply anything over the area unless specified by the wax technician. Don’t take a hot shower or get in a hot tub after a wax, and avoid friction to the area treated for 24 hours.

Myth: Wax as little as possible for best results.
Truth: A better outcome truly comes from consistency. If you are choosing to wax, it’s best to not wax occasionally and shave in between. That makes the waxing experience less tolerable when you do choose to be waxed. You are better off committing to waxing every six to eight weeks.

Waxing services at MilfordMD MediSpa range in price from $15 for a lip or eyebrow wax, to $75 for a Brazilian wax and $100 for full leg and bikini waxing.

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