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Famous Female Athletes, Sports Commentators have Beauty, Intelligence, Wit and Insecurity

Beautiful, intelligent, witty and athletic describe many of today’s women in sports, whether they’re commenting on the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl or competing in Sochi, at the upcoming 2014 Olympic Games.

Examples include sports commentator Erin Andrews. She’s widely respected for her football savvy, as well as admired as a classic beauty. Skiing star Lindsey Vonn is known for her strength on the slopes and as a bombshell off the slopes.

But even these women have insecurities about their looks. That’s with good reason. Right or wrong, society puts a lot of emphasis on a woman’s looks. Especially athletes can’t hide their imperfections easily when they’re competing.

The truth is, even the strongest and most intelligent women feel the pressure of the spotlight.

Lindsey Vonn was recently quoted in Shape magazine saying it isn’t easy being in a room full of women half her size. This is despite the fact Vonn knows she isn’t fat.

Olympic gold medal swimmer Rebecca Adlington is reported to be insecure about her looks. She says, among other things, she doesn’t like her nose and can’t help but be affected by judgmental Tweets and quotes about her face and physique.

The good news for busy athletes and television commentators is they can address their cosmetic concerns, often without missing a beat in their careers. Even those women who elect to have breast augmentation or liposuction have options that fit easily into their training or on-air schedules.

Professional tennis player and Olympic gold medal winner Lindsay Davenport has said she used a filler and Botox to address her cosmetic concerns.

It’s not always insecurities that drive young athletes to the cosmetic surgeon’s office. It’s also convenience. American beach volleyball champion Kerri Walsh Jennings told Allure magazine she used laser hair removal to address her bikini lines. She hated waxing, she says.

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