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Combining Experience, Artistry and Skill for Stunning Results

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Combining Experience, Artistry and Skill for Stunning Results in Cosmetic Treatments

 The Best in Cosmetic Treatments

When considering a cosmetic enhancement, you want wise guidance, the eyes of an artist, and the skilled hands of an accomplished surgeon.

Meet Richard Buckley, MD.

The journey to looking and feeling beautiful is uniquely yours, and MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center offers all of the latest pathways to help you achieve your destination.

Dr. Richard Buckley, Medical Director, says he first carefully listens to patients in order to learn what concerns them most and then works to design treatment plans that will exceed their expectations. Understanding that every patient is different, he adds that every procedure requires expert skill.

“The truth is that even an injectable, such as Botox®, can give undesirable results in the wrong hands. In the right hands, it can transform a man’s or a woman’s face from stressed and aged to naturally relaxed and more youth-ful,” says Dr. Buckley, who has been in cosmetic surgery and dermatology practice for 28 years. “All of today’s high-tech devices require training and have a learning curve, and it always helps to have experience.”

Where Art Meets Medicine

Dr. Buckley continually broadens his options for patients in what he calls a serving —not a service—industry.

“Our commitment is to our patients, and we offer the latest tools and procedures and strive to deliver natural-appearing results,” he says, noting that MilfordMD currently has 39 lasers. Dr. Buckley also stays in touch with industry thought-leaders in innovation and technology to gain further insight into new tools for beautiful revitalization.

That dedication equates to an impressive menu of
cosmetic options that rival any center in the country. Smartlipo Triplex,™ Cellulaze,™ PrecisionTx,™ and Ultherapy® are just a few of the tools both Dr. Richard Buckley and Dr. Marina Buckley employ to help patients address their face and body contouring needs.

MilfordMD Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center for Stunning Results

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