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Can we maintain near flawless beauty into our 70s?

Can we maintain near flawless beauty into our 70s? Just take a look at Raquel Welch!

Women are looking better and better as they age. I think three things help determine how a woman will look in her 60s, 70s and 80s: lifestyle (including sun exposure and smoking), genetics and whether or not a woman has cosmetic facial rejuvenation surgery, as well as how skilled and experienced her surgeon is.

I know the last two might be controversial. After all, many women maintain beauty into their later years with only a healthy lifestyle and good genetics. But to achieve a look relatively free of wrinkles, lines and furrows that come with a lifetime of expressions and movements; to keep eyebrows elevated, cheekbones crisp and the neckline defined, one needs a little help.

The caveat to that is that help has to be by a skilled cosmetic surgeon.

Case in point, look at Raquel Welch. The actress emerged November 16 at the 2013 Governors Awards looking spectacular.

But if you look at befores and afters of Ms. Welch since the days of her famous bikini pinup poster in 1966, you’ll see a graceful (albeit artful) transformation. Yes, I think Ms Welch probably eats right, exercises and seems to have great genetics. But I also believe (and many colleagues agree) that Ms. Welch had a little help with facial cosmetic surgery.

Specifically, I think she might have had:

• a facelift, which has given her a jowl-less neckline and a more sculpted lower face;
• eyelid surgery, which has helped her to maintain the open, almond shape of her eyes;
• Botox, to address forehead and other lines and lift her eyebrows; and
• fillers, to re-volumize her face and lips.

Whether Ms. Welch has maintained her looks so beautifully with the help of cosmetic surgery has not been confirmed. But if it is the case, her looks at age 73 are iconic for today’s older woman. I’ve seen many women in their 70s and, even, 80s who look spectacular with the help of artful, skillful and mindful facial cosmetic surgery.

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