Avoiding Cosmetic Surgery Regrets

Cosmetic Surgery for Real, by Richard Buckley, MD, Milford, PA

Avoiding Cosmetic Surgery Regrets

The Hills’ television star Heidi Montag recently made news when she confessed to regretting her decisions to have plastic surgery. By her late 20s, Montag had several elective procedures, including a breast augmentation to an F-cup, which she later had reduced to a more realistic C cup.

The television star suffered from something quite common: a lack of self-esteem.

Montag said in an interview that she felt pressure to please others.

That’s a red flag in our profession. Cosmetic surgery patients who get the most joy and benefit from elective procedures are those who are do it for themselves—not their spouses, friends, family members, colleagues or fans.

I ask important questions when I meet with patients for the first time. I ask about their motivations for cosmetic procedures; what they want to change and why; where this desire they have originates; and what they expect to get out of having the procedure or procedures.

Having reasonable expectations of not only the results but also what those results might do to change a person’s life helps me to uncover whether patients are having cosmetic surgery for the right reasons. Inevitably, men and women who have cosmetic surgery to fill deep-seeded insecurities will end up regretting those decisions.

Ask yourself the important questions before undergoing elective surgeries to change and improve your appearance. Make sure to choose a surgeon who encourages realistic expectations. Unlike Montag, you’ll be a happier person as a result.

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