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EE, Pennsylvania


I am thrilled with my results from liposculpture with Dr Richard Buckley… I had liposculpture done on my legs. It has been 7 months since my procedure and I am amazed on how I keep seeing results every month. Not only were the results immediate 2 days after the procedure but every month that goes by I keep noticing my skin tightening and more inches lost. With this procedure its not just about inches lost though it is about resculpting. I have been a competitive dancer my entire life into the latest workouts I was never able to sculpt my legs the way Dr. Buckley has. Dr. Buckley informed me that I can see results up to a year. I am so excited that it has only been 7 months and my results are fantastic already. To think I have 5 more months left for results amazes me! I am already totally satisfied with my results. From the first day I called the office of Cosmetic Dermatology I was greeted with a very friendly and helpful receptionist (Holly). She listen to my questions and concerns on liposculpture and after making me feel welcomed to set up a consultation with Dr. Buckley Holly then had an Aesthetic Consultant (Patty) call me to go into a bit more detail about the procedure. I felt very comfortable and could not wait to come to my consultation. After meeting Dr. Buckley for the first time and learning his credentials and past experiences I knew Dr. Buckley was the doctor I can trust the most. I must say I like to stay up to date on the latest procedures. I have met with other doctors in the field but by far Dr. Buckley is the most knowledgeable and the most patient out of all the doctors I have met with in the past. Honestly, every penny on this procedure was worth it and I will recommend Cosmetic Dermatology to anyone.

EE, Pennsylvania
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