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Fat Rebalancing

Fat Rebalancing is the New Face Lift!

Fat rebalancing is the art of restoring structural arcs and contours on the face that has quickly become the more effective alternative to the conventional surgical facelift!

A young face has a continuously smooth, ample and even distribution of fat. There is a forward projection with facial arcs highlighting specific areas and causing minimal shadow. In contrast, the aging face can be described as having “hills and valleys” which produce shadows and irregular highlights. Fat rebalancing can restore harmony to the face, improve facial contours and reduce the shadows.

Fat Grafting and Fat Transfer

Fat rebalancing starts with the removal of fat from one area of the body (fat grafting) and placing it precisely in areas that need rebalancing, rebuilding and volume replenishment (fat transfer). Many areas may benefit from fat rebalancing because it restores the volume and youthful glow that all of us lose as we age. There are some individuals that have a naturally gaunt or thin face, with little definition, and fat rebalancing can greatly improve the contours and balance of the face in these patients.

Fat Rebalancing vs. Injectable Fillers

While this youthful, healthy glow can also be restored with injectable fillers, there are advantages of using your own fat to rebalance and restore facial contours. Some of the benefits are that it is your own tissue, which eliminates the chance of an allergic reaction and that it lasts for many years as opposed to fillers which typically last only up to one year.

Is Fat Rebalancing Right For You?

There are many factors that need to be considered when determining a fat rebalancing procedure. Schedule your cosmetic consultation today to learn more about fat rebalancing and how it can help you restore a younger-looking you!



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