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Hand Rejuvenation

What is fat transfer?

Fat Transfer, also known as fat rebalancing is when fat is removed from one area of the body and then then precisely placed in areas that need rebuilding, rebalancing and volume replacement. Many body areas may benefit from fat replacement, including hands and the aging or drooping face in order to restore the volume that gives the youthful glow that all of us lose as we age.

Fat transfer to the hands to achieve hand rejuvenation can be one of the most overlooked but very impactful for looking young and rejuvenated. The hands are an area that remains exposed which cannot be easily covered with clothing that can convey the age of the person. To help counteract and balance the overall rejuvenation (youthful looking face=youthful looking hands) fat transfer to the hands is a wonderful, but often overlooked option.

Can any doctor perform a fat transfer?

Dr. Richard Buckley has been personally trained by the experts in this revolutionary technique. It helps to maximize the survival of fat that is transferred to give you the best total hand rejuvenation, and to take away the “skeletal” looking hands that age brings about. Dr. Richard Buckley is also an artist and has been all around the world which adds to his palette of understanding the shape and beauty from different countries. This, in conjunction with his expert skill makes him the best choice, for here at MilfordMD Surgery & Laser Center Medicine Meets Artistry.

Is fat transfer right for me?

If you are looking to gain or restore the healthy glow of youth and to bring back a youthful shape to your hands that can help improve the skeletal nature that the aging process brings to our hands, then fat transfer may be right for you. Dr. Richard Buckley is happy to meet with you for a consultation to answer your questions, give you his recommendations to help you get your desired result and help you decide if fat transfer can address your needs.

What anesthesia is the fat transfer procedure performed with?

Fat transfer is able to be performed with only local anesthesia. The local anesthesia is used on both the donor and recipient sites.

How is the fat transfer procedure performed?

First, Dr. Richard Buckley will very slowly numbs the donor area with tumescent anesthesia. He then “hand rolls” it, which is somewhat similar to liposuction, but with much more attention to keeping the fat cells alive. The abdomen, hips, and thighs are common donor sites, but you and Dr. Richard together will decide the best donor site. The fat is then prepared and carefully placed back into the recipient sites in the hands to replace the fat that has naturally diminished with age.

What is the recovery from fat transfer to the hands like?

Some patients have minor discomfort after the fat transfer procedure, though this tends to resolve quickly. The side effects to fat transfer to the hands include swelling, bruising and itchiness. Recovery time does vary by individual, but most swelling and bruising will disappear in about 1 week.


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