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Banner for Introducing a NuEra of Skin Rejuvenation Event at MilfordMD

  • Introducing NuEra Tight and LegendPro at MilfordMD
    Thursday, February 20, 2020
    6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

    Say goodbye to yester-year’s skin and discover the latest skinnovation in radio-frequency treatments at MilfordMD! Introducing TWO exciting new devices offering unparalleled skin rejuvenation and tightening benefits with spa-like comfort and no downtime. These quick ‘walk-in, walk-out’ treatments include:

    • Skin firming, lifting and rejuvenation
    • Facial skin thickening
    • Fine line reduction
    • Facial skin contouring
    • Acne scar improvement
    • Skin resurfacing & texture renewal
    • Double chin treatment
    • Body contouring, fat melting
    • Cellulite reduction
    • Stretch marks and scar improvement

    First 5 clients to RSVP will receive a FREE MilfordMD Skin Care Product at the event!

    Event attendees will enjoy:

    • A LIVE demonstration of a NuEra Tight treatment
    • A chance to win a FREE NuEra Tight treatment
    • Exclusive event pricing you won’t see anywhere else


    For over 30 years, Drs. Richard & Marina Buckley have dedicated their practice in helping over 30,000 patients achieve their aesthetic goals. Board Certified Physician and renowned Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Richard Buckley performs a high volume of surgical rejuvenation and bodysculpting procedures, such as eye, face and neck lifts, laser liposuction, fat transfer, and more. Dr. Marina Buckley is board certified by The American Board of Laser Medicine and Surgery and a trusted expert in non-surgical surgical rejuvenation and bodysculpting procedures.


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