The Secret for Golden Globes-caliber Beauty

January 2014

Cosmetic Surgery for Real, by Richard Buckley, MD, Milford, PA

The Secret for Golden Globes-caliber Beauty

Many of us watched the 2014 Golden Globes, anticipating not only the winners but also the Red Carpet fashion. As a cosmetic surgeon, I study beauty. I look for trends and what defines beauty in society.

The stand-out women on the Red Carpet Sunday night had one thing in common: A beautiful smile.

Sure, the dresses made statements. But stars of all ages, from Cate Blanchett to Jennifer Lawrence, Robin Wright and Julia Roberts, captivated photographic images with their stunning smiles.

The same is true off the Red Carpet. Women who have beautiful smiles stand out. They look young, vibrant, active, healthy and, of course, content.

And, as a cosmetic surgeon, I can tell you there’s much more to a beautiful smile than nice teeth. Teeth are ideally framed by youthful, attractive lips. Lips are as important as those teeth in creating a glowing smile.

Aging or genetics doesn’t have to rob a woman of her youthful, vibrant smile. Today’s filler options include filler types that help to plump and shape thin or misshapen lips. (And by plumping, I mean carefully sculpting beautifully shaped lips—not injecting filler, so they look like awkward balloons or have a trout-pout.) We also use fillers to address the vertical lines that can take away from a youthful smile. All this often can be done in minutes during one’s lunch hour. Patients can go right back to work or play.

We also use a patient’s own fat (fat transfer), for patients who prefer not to use fillers.

Once you have achieved the look you want, it’s a matter of simple maintenance and skin care to continue looking great, year after year.

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40-and-older Women Rocked at the 2014 Grammy Awards

January 27, 2014

Cosmetic Surgery for Real, by Richard Buckley, MD, Milford, PA

40-and-older Women Rocked at the 2014 Grammy Awards

It must be daunting to be spotlighted at the Grammy Awards. Those attending this year’s event didn’t have the option of hiding their wrinkles and skin imperfections with headgear worn by the Daft Punk crew. Rather, they had to rely on their makeup artists, clothes and jewelry designers and plastic surgeons to be the best they could be.

I have to say, the 40-and-older set pulled that off at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. Madonna, Gloria Estefan and Tia Carrere were among the standout beauties at music’s big night.

What are their secrets?

There are things that Hollywood’s stars do just before events, as well as weeks and months prior, to achieve flawless looks for the cameras.

The most important elements in last-minute fix-me-ups are makeup, hairstyle, clothes and accessories, as well as no-downtime cosmetic procedures designed to make a woman look vibrant and younger.

Professional makeup artists are usually best at carefully and artfully applying makeup that is appropriate for skin type, color, texture, hair and bone structure. Hairstyles should make a statement but not at the expense of a beautiful face. Same with clothing and accessories: Often, it’s the classic styles that get high marks from fashion critics.

Cosmetic procedures that can be done a few days before a big event include fillers to restore volume and soften wrinkles and lines. Relaxers including Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are great options. With careful use—especially in the upper face—we can diminish harsh lines associated with repetitive or excessive expressions, such as frowning.

One note about neuromodulators Botox, Dysport and Xeomin: A surgeon’s experience is paramount when injecting these. As many of Hollywood’s beauties have found, Botox can result in an expression-less, waxy look. That’s not what you want on your big night. Injected correctly, it simply relaxes muscles that produce unwanted expressions.

Now, onto fillers. To achieve natural results, experienced cosmetic surgeons choose their techniques and materials based on the area and concern they’re treating. For example, I prefer Restylane under the eyes and Belotero Balance to correct very fine superficial wrinkles. I place most fillers in or below the skin using tiny, blunt tipped microcannulas rather than needles as the procedure is gentler and much less likely to produce bruising.

And I often use fat, placed via microcannula, in subcutaneous layers (under the skin). Fat is great for structural rebalancing and re-volumizing and restoring youthful curves. I’ve also found that Radiesse works well when placed as structural support over the cheekbones, in the mid-face fat pockets and under nasolabial folds and marionette’s lines.

Natural-looking, voluminous lips are important. I use Perlane or Juvéderm, introducing the fillers with a microcannula, to produce a wonderful, immediate long-lasting result.

Maintenance procedures that should be done weeks or months prior to big events include the popular energy-based skin tightening devices—from the Fraxel re:store laser to radio frequency devices, such as Thermage and Venus Freeze. While these treatments little or no downtimes, patients don’t fully appreciate the benefits from skin-tightening procedures for weeks, even months.

It’s the same with gentle peels. These are designed to erase the pigmentation and texture issues that plague us as we age. Peels also encourage new collagen production. But results take time to appreciate. I tell most patients they’ll see the magic of peels in two or more weeks.

Finally, you can’t hide the rest of your exposed body from the cameras. So, you should pay attention to the neck and hands. The neck and hands respond really well to hyaluronic fillers (such as Perlane, Restylane, Juvederm), Radiesse and natural fat transfer. Intra and sub-dermal fillers fill and press out the ‘cobblestoning’ many of us see with age, giving the hands and neck instant great results.

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