Miley Cyrus’s twerking spotlights the butt at a time when illegal buttock injections are common

There are two trending items that I think are ironically related. One is the emphasis on Miley Cyrus’s buttock (or lack of it). One can’t help but notice how her butt isn’t protruding in some of those twerking pictures that went viral. At the same time, illegal buttock injections continue to kill people. Yes, people (predominately women) are dying from a procedure that should be relatively safe, if performed by a credible and experienced physician.

Sun Sentinel reporter Adam Sacasa reported earlier this month (on September 5, 2013) about a recent tragic turn of events having to do with bad butt procedures by a sham provider.

A man named Calvin Edward Butler, dubbed the ‘motel surgeon’ was sentenced to eight years in prison and accused of illegal injections of silicone into people’s butts.

According to the article, “Investigators learned of the Krazy Glue-sealed injections in January after a man and woman came to them telling stories of how Butler … injected their buttocks with silicone from a plastic cup.”

This guy did the injections in a motel room and charge people $200 each for the procedure. One of the poor people who fell for this fake medicine suffered an infection and had to have another surgery.

At least this person lived to tell about it. Some aren’t so lucky.

Done right, the Brazilian butt lift or Dominican Derriere, also called butt augmentation, is a great procedure for creating a more rounded, perky buttock. It’s a minimally invasive procedure performed in our office while the patient is comfortable and awake.

And, it’s safe. We don’t use implants; rather, we use a patient’s own fat and transfer it to the buttocks. In my experience, using fat results in more natural look than butt implants.

For more about the “real” butt lift, go to

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Cosmetic Surgery for Real, by Richard Buckley, MD, Milford, PA

Breast enlargement, or augmentation, is today’s most in-demand cosmetic surgery among women. Even so, many women avoid having the surgery because of their concerns about breast implants. The big news in cosmetic surgery is breast implants are no longer the only way to achieve enlargement. We can transfer one’s own fat from one place on the body, where it isn’t wanted, to the breasts where it augments naturally. The result? Natural looking, natural feeling, larger breasts!

I’ve been doing fat transfers to enlarge or reconstruct breasts for some time now and can say–with confidence–that patients love the results.

Autologous (meaning one’s own) fat transfer has a great track record in facial rejuvenation. I love using fat to rebuild body structures that have either deflated over time or would simply benefit from augmentation. Just recently, I rebuilt a 68-year-old women’s face. She looks years’ younger now and, in a few weeks, should be a hit at her class reunion and upcoming holiday events.

For the breasts, fat taken from areas such as the patient’s arms, hips, thighs or abdomen, does much the same as it does in the face, or even the hands. It gives the breasts a natural plumpness. We can increase the breasts one cup size with each autologous fat transfer procedure. We don’t try to enlarge or rebuild the breasts more than one cup size at a time because the fat is more likely to take if we use the step-wise approach.

The entire natural augmentation procedure is completed with the patient is awake and comfortable in our office procedure suite. We use thin blunt instruments, called cannulas, to deliver the fat into the breasts. (That’s after having liposuctioned it from another part of the body.) So, there are no incisions, which can result in scarring. Patients emerge with slimmer legs, thighs or tummy from liposuction and larger, implant-free, incision-free breasts!

I’m not the only physician who believes autologous fat transfer for breast enlargement is a mainstream option for women. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery announced September 23, 2013 that it is the “cosmetic treatment many women have dreamed of – taking the fat from their hips and thighs and redistributing it to their breasts.”

The press announcement notes that while fat injections have been safely used for many decades, the safety and long-term benefits of autologous fat transfer to the breasts is ongoing. Among the potential concerns related to fat grafting to the breast is that it might produce changes in the breast that might appear suspicious on mammogram, prompting further testing. Still, natural fat breast augmentation represents an important advance in cosmetic surgery for women who want breast enlargement or reconstruction without implants.

See befores and afters of women who have had this procedure in my practice and learn more about natural breast augmentation with autologous fat transfer at this link: For more information ask for Laure at MilfordMD Cosmetic Dermatology by calling 570-206-4000.

Cosmetic surgeon Richard Buckley, MD, who practices in Milford, Penn., comments on the growing trend of using one’s fat, rather than synthetic breast implants, to enlarge or reconstruct breasts.

“Many women who want larger breasts are concerned with the use of breast implants. What many don’t know is there is another option that doesn’t involve the use of saline-filled or silicone implants. Today, we use a woman’s own fat to enlarge her breasts,” says cosmetic surgeon Richard Buckley, MD. “When done correctly, the result is a natural-looking cup-size enlargement, without the potential unnatural feel of implants or scars from incisions to place those implants. A physician’s experience in fat transfer is very important because the success of this procedure is highly technique-dependent.