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VJ, New Jersey

If you want the best, get the best. It’s that simple. I have seen Drs. Richard and Marina Buckley for the past year. Cosmetically, Dr. Richard has the most up-to-date laser equipment now available in this country and the expertise to use it. He will go into his “toolbox” and find just the right solution for your personal situation. I have had treatments with first rate clinicians in Manhattan and he outshines them at every turn. Not only does he “do the right thing”, he does it quicker and more painlessly. Down time is much reduced. Dr. Marina Buckley can address your general health issues with superior capability and an empathetic manner. She has handled my general physical and always thoroughly explores every aspect of the exam and subsequent testing. This is all, of course, enough to recommend them but, in addition, it is always pleasant to work with their bright and upbeat office personnel. They will make you feel at home.

VJ, New Jersey
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