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PR, Brooklyn, NY June, 2010 Age: 27


Botox Cosmetic has had a positive and long lasting impact on my overall sense of confidence as well as my physical appearance. My first Botox Cosmetic procedure was during the summer of 2006 at Dr. Buckley’s office in Milford, PA. The effects of Botox were almost immediate. Dr. Buckley informed me that results last generally 3-4 months, but it would be nearly two years before my second Botox Cosmetic procedure. Due to Dr. Buckley’s professionalism and skill, I returned to his office for my second procedure. The results following this procedure lasted over two years. I am very pleased with the overall effects of Botox Cosmetic along with the skill of Dr. Buckley. Though the side effects of Botox Cosmetic did include mild flu like symptoms, I never experienced drooping eyelids or any of the other side effects often reported with Botox Cosmetic. As of today, I just completed my third Botox Cosmetic procedure at Dr. Buckley’s office and will return for all future procedures involving Botox Cosmetic.

PR, Brooklyn, NY June, 2010 Age: 27
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