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Why DermoGenius®for Skin Cancer?

Enhanced skin cancer detection.

Increase in the accuracy of diagnosis.

DermoGenius® ultra.

The 3CCD digital dermatoscope.

DermoGenius® Ultra incorporating 3CCD technology assists the physician who would like to continuously upgrade his surgery skin cancer detection processes to the highest level.
The improved resolution of the 3CCD technology and algorithms adopted from space technology has meant that the well-known ABCD rule can be supplemented for the first time by extra  visualized dermatoscopic features.

The system uses these features to determine the digitally standardized dermatoscopic point value (DSDP), which sets up a comparison with a reference bank of photos of skin conditions with known histological reports and depicts this as a histogram. In cases of doubt DermoGenius® Ultra provides the clinician with unique support by making its own diagnostic suggestion.  All DermoGenius® Ultras make use of the latest research findings and offer the highest level of innovation and performance.

Characteristics visualization with DermoGenius ultra based on ABCD-rule of dermatoscopy





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